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Department of Management Services

Agency Purchasing

Departmental Purchasing's mission is to procure goods and services at the best value for the State in order to deliver proactive administrative services that free up program resources.

Departmental Purchasing strives to provide purchasing services that are responsive to the needs of the programs and facilities of the Department. These purchasing responsibilities will be accomplished within the framework of state and federal laws, administrative procedures, including the rules of State Purchasing and other divisions of the Department, and departmental regulations.

Contact Us:

Mailing Address:
4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 260
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950

Fax Number: 850.922.6549

Departmental Purchasing Director: Karen Armstrong (850) 413-7190

Deputy Departmental Purchasing Director: Kristin Bigham (850) 410-0102

Operations & Management Consultant II: Angela Pereira (850) 414-7746

Purchasing Analyst: Vacant (850) 410-1423

Purchasing Analyst: Christina Espinosa (850) 410-2404

Purchasing Agent: Lori Anderson (850) 488-0510

For information on how to register to do business with the Department please visit the following website:

If you are trying to locate a Department of Management Services advertisement you can do so by visiting , selecting "Department of Management Services" under the agency drop-down menu, and clicking on the "Initiate Search" button.

Also, as of July 1, 2003, the Department uses MyFloridaMarketPlace ("MFMP") to carry out on-line solicitations. To view on-line solicitations on MFMP, please visit: Sourcing Login Link and log on using your assigned Username and Password. If you don't have a user name (which you ultimately will need in order to respond to solicitations via MFMP), you can use "publicuser" for both Username and Password to view solicitations. Note that you will not be able to electronically submit a bid under the "publicuser" logon. To get a MFMP Username and Password please visit the website above.