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Department of Management Services

Financial Management Services

The Bureau of Financial Management Services provides the central support services in the area of revenue, disbursement, payroll, and financial reporting. The Disbursement Section maintains and disburses the Agency's payroll, vendor invoices, and reimbursements to departmental employees and non-employees for travel expensed. The Revenue Section ensures all monies collected by the Agency are properly identified and posted. The Control Section maintains the agency's inventory and insurance records, as well as prepares financial statements. The Control Section also supports the Disbursement and Revenue Sections.

Contact us:

Phone Number: (850) 488-3053
Fax Number:(850) 488-9082

Key Contacts:

Kelly McMullen - Chief of Financial Management Services
(850) 487-0950

Chaunda Ford - Control Section Supervisor
(850) 922-5653

Danita Gallmon Johnson - Disbursements Section Supervisor
(850) 487-9891

Calvin Anderson - Property Inventory and Control
(850) 410-3450

Pamula Griffin - Travel Reimbursements
(850) 414-6347

Betty Brandon - Payroll
(850) 487-9884

LaQuanta Rosier - Revenue Section Supervisor
(850) 922-5394

Mailing Address:

4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 280
Tallahassee, Fl 32399-0950















Property Asset Management (PAM)

Maintains the agency's inventory.