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Department of Management Services

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice and determinations regarding the proper interpretation and application of the law to the various program areas and divisions of the Department including but not limited to collective bargaining, procurement, personnel, retirement, state group insurance, building construction, leasing, private prisons, state fleet management and facility management; and represents the Department in litigation before all state, federal, and administrative forums.

Josie Tamayo, General Counsel

Matthew F. Minno, Deputy General Counsel

Department of Management Services
Office of the General Counsel
4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 160
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950

Telephone: (850) 487-1082
Fax: (850) 922-6312

Agency Clerk 

It is the responsibility of the Agency Clerk to provide an efficient and centralized area for the maintenance of filed documents, and to comply with statutory and rule requirements of the agency. This office maintains final orders and other legal documents; prepares, certifies and transmits records on appeal to appellate courts; and maintains the statutorily mandated subject matter index of final orders for the department. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of State recognized holidays or office closures. The contact information for the Agency Clerk is:

Agency Clerk: Michael Sivilla

Deputy Agency Clerk: Celynna Southall


Agency Clerk
Office of the General Counsel
4050 Esplanade Way
Suite 160
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Telephone: 850-487-1082
Fax: 850-922-6312

Other employees within the Office of the General Counsel may perform the functions of the Agency Clerk upon designation by the Agency Clerk, Deputy Agency Clerk, or the General Counsel.

Requests for filings may be submitted by hand delivery, regular mail, email, or fax transmission. Filings will be accepted during business hours; requests received after 5:00 p.m. will be filed on the next regular business day.

Agency Index of Final Orders is maintained in the Office of the General Counsel and can be accessed by contacting the Agency Clerk, Deputy Agency Clerk, or the Office of the General Counsel at 850-487-1082.

Pursuant to Section 28-101.001, please note the following:

A party who files a document by electronic mail or fax transmission represents that the original physically signed document will be retained by that party for the duration of the proceeding and of any subsequent appeal or subsequent proceeding in that cause, and that the party shall produce it upon the request of other parties.

A party who elects to file a document by electronic mail or fax transmission shall be responsible for any delay, disruption, or interruption of the electronic signals and accepts the full risk that the document may not be properly filed with the agency as a result.

  • Requests for Variances and Waivers
    Requests for variances and or waivers should be submitted for filing to the Agency Clerk’s office. Requests must be submitted according to the guidelines outlined in Section 120.542, F.S. and Chapter 28-104, F.A.C.

Open Government

The Department of Management Services is committed to assisting the public in its right to inspect and obtain copies of agency records pursuant to the Public Records Act, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. The Department strives to provide the highest level of customer service, for the best value, in an open, transparent setting. For a list of division or office contact information, please visit the Open Government page on our website.

You may also request a record by telephone (850-487-1082), fax (850-922-0950) or mail.  The Department’s mailing address is 4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 160, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0950.

Chief Ethics Officer

Executive Order No. 11-03 directs each agency Secretary to designate an employee of the agency as the agency's Chief Ethics Officer. The designated Chief Ethics Officer for DMS is the General Counsel, Josefina M. Tamayo.

The Chief Ethics Officer is responsible for ensuring all DMS employees adhere to the Governor's revised Code of Ethics and the DMS Code of Ethics. All employees of DMS are bound to observe, in all of their official acts, the highest standards of ethics consistent with these Codes, and with the statutory code as set forth in Chapter 112, Part III, Florida Statutes.