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Department of Management Services

Human Resources

The DMS Human Resources (HR) pages are your one-stop center for information about your life at DMS. Your HR staff is here to help. We can assist you with payroll/leave issues, retirement and DROP questions, benefit options, and so much more.

Send your comments to us at:
  • Our FAX number is: (850) 921-5427
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at: (850) 488-2707.
Employee Information Line:
  • Local to Tallahassee area: (850)-921-2994
  • Toll Free Number: (888)-336-7345
  • Or, easy to remember as:(888) FDMS-EIL - Florida DMS Employee Information Line
HR Team Member Phone Number Email Address Specialty
Brett Shively (850) 488-2707 HR Director
Heather Tyndall-Best (850) 488-2410 Assistant HR Director
Employee Relations
Lila Dyer (850) 487-9877 Lila.Dyer
Building Access Cards
Employee ID Cards
Employment Process
(Advertising, etc.)
Financial Disclosure
Office Operations
PARs Representative
Public Records Requests
Workers' Compensation
Debbie Hatcher (850) 487-9873 Classification and Org Management
Time & Attendance
Sick Leave Transfer
Agency Reports
Jackie Williams (850) 488-1517 Jacquelynne.Williams
Employee Benefits
New Employee Orientation

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