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The OSD is responsible for monitoring state agencies' compliance with statutory requirements relating to minority, women and Florida veteran business enterprises. For example, the OSD is responsible for reviewing and approving state agencies' minority business enterprise utilization plans required under sec.287.09451(6), Florida Statutes, and for ensuring state agencies' compliance with them.

Additionally, the OSD collects and posts state agencies' 90-day spending plans to the OSD web site; required by the Governor under executive order. The OSD also records and measures the use of certified business enterprises in state contracting.

The State of Florida shows its commitment to a fair and equal opportunity to compete for state contracts. They continue to commit to embracing diversity so that vendors reflect the full diversity of the citizens they serve.

When minority, women and Florida veteran businesses have fair opportunities to compete, all Floridians benefit. Expanding business spending power allows employment opportunities and an increase in economic growth and development within our communities. This expansion of economic opportunity reduces unemployment and the need for state-supported social welfare programs. At the same time, the expansion increases the state tax base and demand by minority, women and Florida veteran businesses from other businesses within their industry for raw materials and production support. Increased economic output and employment by minority, woman and Florida veteran businesses have a positive rippling impact throughout the state.

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