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Lease Management

For General Public and Interested Private-Sector Parties

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The Bureau of Leasing administers public and private leasing statewide, including DMS-managed space. We strive to ensure that leases are in the best interest of the state and that taxpayer dollars are prudently spent.

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State Agency Liaisons

If you are a State of Florida Employee Leasing Professional, enter your account information by linking to the State Agency Liaisons website.

Parking Services

The Bureau of Leasing’s Parking Services coordinates parking activities with other state agencies that utilize parking facilities at DMS-managed buildings.

Bureau of Leasing

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General Information:

Beth Sparkman - (850) 488-3759

Chief of Leasing and Paid Parking:

Beth Sparkman - (850) 488-3759

Leasing Manager:

Michele Lewis - (850) 488-0080

Parking Services:

Nancy Gebhart - (850) 488-6683