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Department of Management Services

State Agency Leasing Liaisons

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To aid in the procurement of rental space, this site serves the State Agency Leasing Liaisons by providing access to account information. Agency liaisons serve a vital role in the partnership between each state agency, DMS, and the state's tenant broker representatives. Combining the knowledge of state agencies’ core service requirements with that of a real estate market expert improves the quality of space procured for delivery of public services and ensures effective use of taxpayer dollars.

Submit a Request for Space Need (RSN)

This link allows agencies to request space. Upon DMS’ review and approval of the RSN, we will notify the user agency and their tenant broker representative, if applicable. This is the first step towards procuring rental space.

Adversely Affected/Excess Space List (Microsoft Excel Document 38.71 KB)

This is a list to check to find out if there is any available space from adversely affected landlords and excess space when looking for office space to lease.

Conference Room Availability

This link allows agencies to find conference room space that is available for meetings.

DMS Leasing Contacts

Printable Lease Liaison Regional Contact List (Adobe PDF Document 333.26 KB) R4/14/14

NEW Region Map for DMS Leasing Agents (Adobe PDF Document 1.18 MB) R4/14/14

Full Agency Contact List (Adobe PDF Document 129.22 KB) R4/14/2014

Updated List of Leasing Contacts (Microsoft Excel Document 212.00 KB) R4/14/14


Tenant Broker Contacts

Tenant Broker Contact List (Adobe PDF Document 158.99 KB) updated 1/13

Tenant Broker Contracts

CBRE, Inc. (Adobe PDF Document 462.02 KB)

Cushman and Wakefield of Florida, Inc. (Adobe PDF Document 1.77 MB), Amendment 1  (Adobe PDF Document 625.81 KB)(extension of term), Amendment 2 (Adobe PDF Document 2.46 MB) (Restated contract and amendment), Amendment 3 (Adobe PDF Document 57.98 KB) (Renewal), Amendment 4 (Adobe PDF Document 262.44 KB), Amendment 5 (Adobe PDF Document 251.65 KB)

Vertical Integration, Inc. (Adobe PDF Document 471.83 KB)

DMS-managed Facilities


DMS Pool Facility Rental Invoices

This link allows an agency to print hard copies of invoices for the DMS-managed space occupied by the agency.


DFS - Division of Risk Management

DMS Building and Contents Data  (Microsoft Excel Document 117.00 KB)

This link downloads an Excel spreadsheet for use in property insurance evaluation for State-owned buildings.