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Department of Management Services

Real Estate Development and Management

The Department of Management Services (DMS), Division of Real Estate Development and Management (REDM), is responsible for the overall management of the Florida Facilities Pool, as well as other facilities and structures DMS has been given responsibility to manage.

REDM has three bureaus with employees throughout the state: Our Bureau of Leasing administers public and private leasing, ensuring leases are in the best interest of the state. Additionally, this bureau oversees parking services statewide. Our Bureau of Operations and Maintenance is responsible for the daily operations of DMS-managed facilities, providing cost-efficient, accessible, clean, and safe work environments. Our Bureau of Building Construction oversees the construction of public buildings statewide, supplying project management oversight for DMS-managed facilities and for other agencies that may not employ the technical staff to perform these duties.


Policies & Procedures





REDM Contacts

Tom Berger, Director
Real Estate Development and Management
Phone: (850) 487-9921

Darren Fancher, Deputy Director
Real Estate Development and Management
Phone: (850) 414-6747

Michael Jara, Chief
Operations and Maintenance
Phone: (850) 488-0211

Beth Sparkman, Chief
Leasing and Paid Parking
Phone (850) 488-3759

Eugenio Nicoloso, Construction Manager
Building Construction
Phone: (850) 488-2521