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Department of Management Services

Manuals and Job Aids

We encourage you to use the manuals and job aids listed below for all the information you need. If you have suggestions for manual or job aid additions, please e-mail


MFMP Buyer Manual (Adobe PDF Document 1.11 MB)

System Administrator Manual (Adobe PDF Document 829.45 KB)

MFMP Sourcing Manual (Adobe PDF Document 2.69 MB)

VBS Manual (Adobe PDF Document 930.55 KB

Job Aids: 

Accounting Details Information (Adobe PDF Document 233.31 KB)

Commodity Code Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 580.18 KB)

Contracts Screen Shot Guide (Adobe PDF Document 1.93 MB)

eQuote Award Scenario Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 3.02 MB)

eQuote Best Practices Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 519.86 KB

eQuote Closing Open Events Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 863.09 KB)

eQuote Creation Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 683.65 KB)

eQuote Export/Import Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 512.95 KB)

Finance and Accounting Quick Reference Guide (Adobe PDF Document 427.02 KB)

Finance and Accounting Tips & Tricks (Adobe PDF Document 310.15 KB)

FLAIR Integration: Invoices (Adobe PDF Document 342.73 KB)

FLAIR Integration: Requisitions (Adobe PDF Document 341.11 KB)

IE Compatibility Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 534.42 KB)

Method of Procurement Decision Tree (Adobe PDF Document 351.64 KB)

Purchasing Year-End Tips & Tricks (Adobe PDF Document 285.98 KB)

Scanning and File Attachment Guidelines (Adobe PDF Document 315.45 KB)

Secure Reports Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 914.73 KB)

Setting Up Purchase Orders (Adobe PDF Document 383.18 KB)

System Administrator CR-154 Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 315.57 KB)

VBS Tips and Tricks (Adobe PDF Document 264.25 KB)

Vendor Inactivations: Buyer’s Guide (Adobe PDF Document 361.57 KB)

Year-End Suggested Reports Quick Reference Guide (Adobe PDF Document 306.18 KB)