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Department of Management Services

Utilization Initiative

In the spring of 2013, the State of Florida engaged an enterprise initiative for all agencies to fully utilize MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP). Utilization is being measured through the MFMP Utilization Scorecard in five key eProcurement functions:

  1. MFMP Purchase Order and Contract Utilization
  2. MFMP Invoice Utilization
  3. MFMP Catalog Utilization
  4. Receiving Goods in MFMP Utilization
  5. MFMP eQuote Utilization

The MFMP team recognized the unique needs of each agency to achieve full utilization and have completed a three phased approach, with increased focus on 15 agencies with the largest identified gaps in utilization.

As of July 2014, remaining agencies are currently receiving support through ongoing operational activities such as training sessions and various other materials. 

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MFMP Utilization Scorecard

MFMP Framework Documents

eQuote Support