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Department of Management Services

Convicted / Suspended / Discriminatory / Complaints Vendor Lists

About Registration and the Convicted and Suspended Vendor Lists

Convicted Vendor List

Section 287.133(3)(d), Florida Statutes, provides that the Department of Management Services shall maintain a list of the names and addresses of those who have been disqualified from participating in the public contracting process under this section.

Suspended Vendor List

Vendors removed from the Vendor List pursuant to Rule 60A-1.006, F.A.C.

Discriminatory Vendor List

Federal Excluded Parties List

Furnished for convenience in complying with Federal grant requirements, and/or determining vendor responsibility in accordance with sections 287.057(1), (2) and (3), Florida Statutes, and rule 60A-1.006(1), Florida Administrative Code.

Vendor Complaint List

Lists all formal Vendor Complaints issued to vendors by state agencies and received by the Department of Management Services. The Department tracks this information as part of its vendor management processes. Agencies are encouraged to review this information before making judgments about a vendor's responsibility pursuant to Rule 60A-1.006(1), Fla. Admin. Code.