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Department of Management Services

Vendor Complaint List

The following table lists all formal Vendor Complaints issued to vendors by state agencies and received by the Department of Management Services. The Department tracks this information as part of its vendor management processes. Agencies are encouraged to review this information before making judgments about a vendor's responsibility pursuant to Rule 60A-1.006(1), Fla. Admin. Code.

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Pending Complaints:

Vendor Agency Issue Date Contract/PO # Items of Order Issues
Biko Engineering Service, Inc. DOT 11/16/2012 DOT-10/11-9012-RO Asphalt/Tar Remover Specifications/Requirements, Delivery/Schedule, Invoicing, Customer Service (Microsoft Word Document 54.50 KB)
Building Maintenance of America dba Florida Building Maintenance   DMS 03/28/2014   DMS-12/13-040B  Custodial Services Specifications/Requirements (Adobe PDF Document 650.93 KB)
Divine Visual & Systems Corp.   DMS 03/07/2014 STC #880-000-09-1   Audio & Video Equipment Specifications/Requirements, Invoicing (Adobe PDF Document 158.33 KB)
Electrico, Inc. DOH   A1A054 Electrical services Specifications/Requirements, Invoicing, Customer Service (Adobe PDF Document 111.20 KB)
Hub City Ford-Mercury, Inc   Broward County Aviation Department  04/17/2014  STC #071-000-14-1  Motor Vehicles Specifications/Requirements, Customer Service (Adobe PDF Document 337.03 KB)
Hub City Ford  Hernando County Schools 02/03/2014   STC#070-700-11-1 Medium and Heavy Trucks  Delivery/Schedule, Customer Service (Adobe PDF Document 736.75 KB)
Pitney Bowes   City of Miramar  03/26/2014 STC #600-760-11-1   Mail Processing Equipment  Specifications/Requirements, Customer Service (Adobe PDF Document 152.83 KB)