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Department of Management Services

Alternate Contract Source

Alternate Contract Sources for commodities and services are available for purchase by state agencies, in accordance with rule 60A-1.047, FAC. Purchase from these alternate contract sources by political subdivisions (cities, counties, school boards, etc.) cannot be approved or disapproved by the Dept of Management Services, but is dependent upon local ordinances and regulations governing procurement.

The Department is authorized by Section 287.042(16), F.S., to evaluate contracts and, when determined in writing to be cost-effective and in the best interest of the State, to approve such contracts for use by other entities.

Rule 60A-1.047, F.A.C., provides a procedure for agencies to request the Department's review of a potential alternate contract source. The Department may approve such contract for use by an individual agency, or may approve its use for all agencies. In addition, the Department may independently identify alternate contracts.






Number Name Start End Category Contractors Administrator
060-000-11-ACS  Fleet Maintenance Services   10/21/2010   03/30/2015   
Automotive Rentals, Inc.

060-000-13-1 ACS  Auto Parts  07/13/2013   06/27/2017   
General Parts Distribution LLC d.b.a. CARQUEST Auto Parts

075-490-07-ACS  Vehicle Lifts and Related Garage Equipment (WSCA)  07/19/2007   04/11/2015   
250-WSCA-10-ACS  Miscellaneous IT Equipment (WSCA)  10/11/2009   09/30/2015   
8 Contractors Listed 
252-000-09-ACS  IT Products & Services (US Communities)  05/10/2009   04/30/2016   
2 Contractors Listed 
252-GSA  Information Technology Equipment, Software & Services (GSA Schedule 70)  04/12/2006    
268-000-04-1  Pharmaceutical Purchasing Program (MMCAP)   
Cardinal Health 110, Inc.

3141800-14-ACS  Temporary Employment Staffing Services   11/18/2014   11/17/2016   
GuideSoft, Inc. d/b/a Knowledge Services

360-240-12-1 NJPA  Floor Coverings with Related Supplies, Equipment and Services  01/17/2013   03/18/2016   
7 Contractors Listed 
41120000-15-ACS  Research Laboratory Supplies  04/01/2015   03/31/2020   
Fisher Scientific Company, L.L.C

43220000-WSCA-14-ACS  WSCA Data Communications Products & Services 14-19  09/09/2014   05/31/2019   
13 Contractors Listed 
450-000-11-ACS  MRO: Facilities Maintenance Supplies (WSCA)  09/01/2011   02/28/2017   
W. W. Grainger, Inc.

490-000-12-ACS  Laboratory and Safety Supplies & Equipment  04/30/2012   03/31/2015   
Fisher Scientific Company L.L.C

518-410-14-ACS  Industrial Equipment and Tool Rental  04/01/2014   03/31/2017   
Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation

680 - GSA Schedule 84 - ACS  GSA Schedule 84 - ACS  11/20/2008    
76111500-15-ACS   Custodial Services  12/23/2014   01/31/2019   
2 Contractors Listed 
81111902-15-ACS  Online Database Investigations   02/19/2015   12/21/2018   
Lexis NexisRisk Solutions FL Inc.

93131607-15-ACS  Food Delivery Prime Vendor Services  10/01/2014   09/30/2019   
Cheney Brothers

973-501-12-ACS  IT Research and Advisory Services (Gartner)  06/07/2012   04/30/2015   
Gartner, Inc. (A)

991-312-06-ACS  Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (NASPO)  03/26/2006   05/29/2015   
23 Contractors Listed 
991-698-14-ACS  Mobile On-Site Shredding Services  04/01/2014   03/31/2017   
5 Contractors Listed