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Frequent Questions & Answers

  1. I have a carpet project, and I’ve never done this before. Do you have a checklist?

    Yes, the “Instructions to Using Agency” is a guide for purchasing procedures and servicing dealer responsibilities.

  2. What forms should be completed for carpet installation?

    The forms are included in the contract (pages 37-40) and should be completed in order to ensure all aspects and responsibilities of the project are addressed for completion: Quotation Form, Change Order & Special Request Form, and Contract Completion Form.

    Contract Document:

    in Word

    in .PDF

  3. Can I order any flooring products on this carpet contract?

    Eligible products include broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, and rubber. Carpet manufacturers may also include optional products such as VCT, linoleum, sheet vinyl, and walk-off mats to complete the carpet project. Ceramic tile products are not included in this contract.

  4. Can I order carpet products without installation on this carpet contract?

    Not at this time. All purchases under this contract must be installed.

  5. Is there a minimum order size for this contract?

    Some products have minimum order amounts. Please check with the contractor.

  6. Does the contractor offer any early payment incentives or partial payment option?

    The Division of State Purchasing has not negotiated early payment discounts as part of the standard terms and conditions of this contract. If you are interested and able to pay promptly, you should contact the contractor directly to see if they are willing to provide early payment discounts to you. However, eligible users are encouraged to allow the manufacturer to bill for materials and have a partial payment of up to 80% of the total purchase order dollar amount, especially for large jobs and jobs where installation is delayed. Terms should be presented in writing and approved by both parties prior to any work being performed. At a minimum, terms should address expected delivery, installation dates, payment terms, and penalties.