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Department of Management Services

Tripp Lite

CBE Code Florida Climate Friendly Preferred Products Recycled Products Utilizes Authorized Resellers Coverage Area
A - Non-Minority No No Yes Statewide

Category Awarded: 5

Contact Information

Vendor: Tripp Lite
FL Minority Business Designation: A (Non-minority)
Vendor FEIN: 36-1881000
Contact: Colleen Garrity
Title: Government Contract Coordinator
Street Address: 1111 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609
Phone Number: 773-869-1434
Fax Number: 773-869-1231
Email Address:

Ordering Information

Customers should direct orders to: Authorized Dealers / Resellers (Click Below)
State of FL Vendor Number: F-361881000-002
Internet Address: Tripp Lite State of FL Contract Site
Authorized Dealers / Resellers: CLICK HERE FOR DEALER INFORMATION (Microsoft Excel Document 72.00 KB)
  Note: Each Dealer / Reseller is listed on a separate tab on the worksheet.
  Only those with "Green Tabs" are APPROVED Dealers / Resellers.