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Department of Management Services

Creative Recycling Systems, Inc.

CBE Code Florida Climate Friendly Preferred Products Recycled Products Utilizes Authorized Resellers Coverage Area
A - Non-Minority No No No Statewide


VENDOR: Creative Recycling Systems, Inc. (A)

VENDOR NUMBER: 593217435

To Place an Order fill out the excel spreadsheet work order form except the work order number and the date and time for pick up. Contractor will supply these three things. Make sure the ordering entity contact name and number are on the form. Fax or email the work order to the account representative.

Work Order Form (Microsoft Excel Document 16.00 KB)

Contract Administration

Name: James Kristof

Title: Vice President of Sales and Procurement

Street Address: 8108 Krauss Boulevard, STE 110, Tampa, Florida 33619

E-mail Address:

Phone Number(s): 813-621-2319

Fax Number: 813-740-0099

Direct Orders

Name: Regina Leverett Alternate: MaryCarol Moss

Title: Account Representative

E-mail Addresses: or

Street Address or P.O. Box: 8108 Krauss Boulevard, STE 110

City, State, Zip: Tampa, FL 33619

Phone Number: 813-621-2319

Toll Free Number: 800-797-2061

Ordering Fax Number: 813-740-0099

Internet Address:

Federal ID Number: 59-3217435

Remit Address: 8108 Krauss Boulevard, STE 110

City, State, Zip: Tampa, FL 33619