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Department of Management Services

Audio & Video Equipment and Accessories880-000-09-1

Effective Period
02/19/2009 through 02/18/2017
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Document 902.50 KB)
PDF (Adobe PDF Document 985.67 KB)
Reseller Add Request (Microsoft Excel Document 27.50 KB)
Contract Administration
  • Jerilyn Bailey
  • Commodity Codes
    655-210, 655-270, 840-490, 840-630, 880-060, 880-230, 880-320, 880-810, UNSPSC-45121504 , UNSPSC-45121501, UNSPSC-52161505, UNSPSC-45121505, UNSPSC-52161500, UNSPSC-45111703, UNSPSC-45111600


    This state term contract includes new CD systems, MP3 players, PA systems, speakers, cameras, camcorders, data/video projectors, assistive listening devices, projection screens, interactive educational response systems (e.g. white boards), televisions and video conferencing equipment and some services related to equipment, supplies, or accessories purchased from this contract.




    MSRP discounts vary. Please review the price sheets on the DMS website or the vendor's State of Florida state term contract website Additional discounts for large quantity orders may be offered. Please consult the vendor prior to placing order. Free delivery on most items. Shipping charges apply to oversized items. (e.g. includes but is not limited to Televisions over 32".) Statewide coverage Wide product selection on contract with ability to keep pace with changes in technology.
    The following value-added services are included: design, installation, programming, engineering and training for equipment, supplies, or accessories purchased from the contract.