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Department of Management Services

Body Armor (Protective Vests)680-850-11-1

Effective Period
01/30/2011 through 01/29/2017
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Document 621.50 KB)
PDF (Adobe PDF Document 1.15 MB)
Contract Administration
  • Jessica Koburger
  • Commodity Codes
    680-850, UNSPSC-46151504


    This state term contract includes NIJ (National Institute of Justice; the research, development and evaluation agency of the United States Department of Justice) Standard 1010.06 (“NIJ .06 Standard”) tactical Body Armor, along with NIJ-approved stab-resistant Body Armor and related accessories. Purchases of these vests may be eligible for bulletproof vest partnership (BVP) funding.


    • NIJ Standard 0101.06 Compliant Body Armor
    • Discounts range from 43 percent to 62.5 percent off of list price (MSRP)
    • Stock item delivery in three-five days (contract allows 30 days)
    • Free delivery
    • Statewide coverage
    • Toll-free access to customer service representatives
    • Wide product selection
    • Manufacturer's standard warranty coverage
    • Certified vendor availability
    • Measuring and fitting services