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Department of Management Services

Library Materials715-001-07-1

Effective Period
02/28/2007 through 02/28/2017
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Document 1.78 MB)
PDF (Adobe PDF Document 174.39 KB)
Contract Administration
  • Brenda Wells
  • Commodity Codes
    575-550, 580-420, 715-001, 715-100, 715-120, 715-140, 715-200, 715-850, 785-050, 785-800, 880-180, UNSPSC-14111800, UNSPSC-41111909, UNSPSC-44111511, UNSPSC-44103100, UNSPSC-45112000, UNSPSC-45121700, UNSPSC-45121800, UNSPSC-45131507, UNSPSC-53111500, UNSPSC-55101500, UNSPSC-55101502, UNSPSC-55101514, UNSPSC-55101519


    This state term contract includes the purchase of audio books, book processing, charts, maps, globes, atlases, customer Web-based library products, electronic books, in-print books (e.g. encyclopedias, handouts, law, references, scientific, society or association publications, technical, text, university press publications, trade), machine-readable cataloging, microforms, musical scores, other visual media (e.g. slides, CD-ROM, films, DVD), out-of-print books, periodical back files, periodicals and other subscriptions, pre-bound books, pre-processed books, publisher's library bindings, sheet music, sound recording (e.g. disc, tape, CD-ROM, DVD), subscription-based Internet delivered products, and video tape recordings.


    • Discounts of up to 30 percent of list price (MSRP)
    • Wide selection of vendors
    • Statewide coverage
    • Warranties vary by vendor