Department of Management Services

Mainframe and Other Software252-500-09-1

Effective Period
05/14/2009 through 05/13/2017
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
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Contract Administration
  • Stephanie Wyland
  • Commodity Codes
    252-030, 252-033, 252-035, 252-150, 252-260, 252-280, 252-300, 252-500, 252-590, 252-920, 252-925, UNSPSC-43230000, UNSPSC-43231500, UNSPSC-43231501, UNSPSC-43231507, UNSPSC-43231508, UNSPSC-43231513, UNSPSC-43231517, UNSPSC-43231602, UNSPSC-43232200, UNSPSC-43232300, UNSPSC-43232301, UNSPSC-43232304, UNSPSC-43232305, UNSPSC-43232306, UNSPSC-43232311, UNSPSC-43232314, UNSPSC-43232400, UNSPSC-43232401, UNSPSC-43232403, UNSPSC-43232407, UNSPSC-43232500, UNSPSC-43232502, UNSPSC-43232700, UNSPSC-43232701, UNSPSC-43232702, UNSPSC-43232705, UNSPSC-43232900, UNSPSC-43232901, UNSPSC-43232905, UNSPSC-43232906, UNSPSC-43232907 , UNSPSC-43232915, UNSPSC-43233200, UNSPSC-43233000, UNSPSC-43233002, UNSPSC-43233203, UNSPSC-43233400 , UNSPSC-43233700, UNSPSC-43233701


    This state term contract includes the purchase of mainframe software, including application development, network and systems management software, application integration and middleware, security software, database management systems, miscellaneous mainframe software, and balance of line software products for distributed and commercial off-the-shelf products and services. Additional services available under this contract include warranty upgrade, software product and documentation updates, software training, manufacturer-provided customization and installation, and consulting services related to products sold under this contract.


    • Discounts range from 11.6 percent to 70 percent off of list price (MSRP). Awarded vendors provide competitive pricing by offering a discount off MSRP. Some vendors offer GSA or better pricing. Discounts/pricing remains firm as negotiated with each vendor.
    • Additional discounts for large quantity orders
    • Statewide coverage
    • Toll-free access to customer service representatives
    • Wide product selection (Many vendors offer their entire product line on this contract!)
    • Warranty coverage (extended warranties and maintenance plans are available)
    • Online reporting capabilities (e.g., order tracking, usage reports)
    • Pricing tied to Producer Price Index to keep current with market
    • Includes following value added services: installation, customization, consulting services, inventory management services, technical services, training