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Department of Management Services

Medium & Heavy Trucks 070-700-11-1

Amendments and Memorandums

Memorandum 6 (23 July 2015)

The following notice is hereby provided: Navistar Inc. has elected not to provide services under this contract effective July 23, 2015.  Please see the contractor page on the web for other approved vendors on this contract.

Memorandum 5 (16 June 2015)

Effective June 16, 2015, the Contract Manager has been changed to Stephanie Wyland.  Please direct questions to Stephanie Wyland at (850) 410-2426 or

Memorandum 4 (17 November 2014)

Effective November 17, 2014, the Contract Manager has been changed to Leslie Gallegos. Please direct questions to Leslie Gallegos at (850) 410-2426 or

Memorandum 3 (9 September 2014)

Effective September 9, 2014, the Contract Manager has been changed to Karla Dixon.  Please direct questions to Karla Dixon at (850) 487-2304 or

The current State Term Contract is renewed for three years effective October 1, 2013 and will expire September 30, 2016.

The current price sheets are replaced with Exhibit A (revised price sheets) effective October 1, 2013. The original base unit prices are adjusted +4.0 percent. Additionally, federally mandated On Board Diagnostics (2014) surcharges are approved and shall not exceed $600.00, $875.00 or $975.00 depending on the applicable engine series and confirmed through documentation provided by the awarded Contractor.


Memorandum 2 (03 October 2013)

Title: Medium & Heavy Trucks

Effective October 1, 2013, the state term contract for Medium & Heavy Trucks is renewed for a term of 36 months, beginning 10-01-2013 through 09-30-2016. Base unit pricing is amended in accordance with Section 5.14 Price Adjustment and is increased +4% for all Base units.  See Amendments 1 and 2 for contract details.

Memorandum 1 (18 January 2012)

Effective January 18, 2012, the Contract Manager has been changed to Charles Day. Please direct questions to Charles Day at (850) 410-2426 or