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Department of Management Services

Terminix International Co. (A)

CBE Code Florida Climate Friendly Preferred Products Recycled Products Utilizes Authorized Resellers Coverage Area
A - Non-Minority No No Yes Statewide


CONTRACTOR: Terminix International Co. (A)

FEIN NUMBER: 363478837

Contract Administration

Name: LaShundrea “Shun” Walker

Title: Terminix National Accounts

Street Address: 860 Ridge Lake Blvd

E-mail Address:

Phone Number(s): 1-800-238-6189 ext 1919

Fax Number: 901-597-9217

Direct Order

Street Address or P.O. Box:

860 Ridge Lake Blvd

City, State, Zip:. Memphis, TN. 38187

Phone Number: 1-800-238-6189 ext 1919

Ordering Fax Number: 901-597-9217

Vendor URL:

E-mail Address:

Remit Address: P.O. Box 17167

City, State, Zip: Memphis, TN. 38187

Customer Service Representative Name: Shun Walker