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Department of Management Services

Tools: Hand Held, and Hand Held Power Tools445-001-11-1

Effective Period
11/15/2010 through 11/14/2016
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Document 933.50 KB)
PDF (Adobe PDF Document 1.11 MB)
Contract Administration
  • Christopher McMullen
  • Commodity Codes
    445-740, 545-100, 445-720, 445-040, 445-380, 545-880, 545-730, 445-560, 545-700, 545-030, 445-420, 545-780, 445-060, 445-620, 545-600, 545-180, 445-480, 445-760, 445-340, 445-850, 445-100, 445-600, 445-360, 445-400, 445-180, 445-800, 545-650, UNSPSC-11121600, UNSPSC-20111600, UNSPSC-20111700, UNSPSC-20122800, UNSPSC-22101511, UNSPSC-22101700, UNSPSC-23101500, UNSPSC-23141600, UNSPSC-23241700, UNSPSC-23241800, UNSPSC-23242300, UNSPSC-23271700, UNSPSC-23281700, UNSPSC-24101600, UNSPSC-24111500, UNSPSC-27110000, UNSPSC-27111500, UNSPSC-27111600, UNSPSC-27111700, UNSPSC-27111800, UNSPSC-27111900, UNSPSC-27112000, UNSPSC-27112100, UNSPSC-27112300, UNSPSC-27112400, UNSPSC-27112706, UNSPSC-27112709, UNSPSC-27112721, UNSPSC-27112748, UNSPSC-27131500, UNSPSC-31160000, UNSPSC-41111600


    This state term contract includes hand-held tools, power tools and related accessories.


    • Online website ordering available thru several vendors. Punch-out catalog (Grainger) in MyFloridaMarketPlace.
    • Wide product selection with more than 100,000 items on contract
    • Manufacturer standard warranty coverage
    • Certified minority vendor availability
    • Online reporting capabilities (e.g., order tracking, usage reports)
    • Pricing tied to Producer Price Index to keep current with market
    • Includes the following value-added services: consulting services; inventory management services and technical services (limited vendors)