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Department of Management Services


The Division of Telecommunications (DivTel) provides telecommunications services through a technology program known as SUNCOM which includes voice, data, wiring and cabling, and  conferencing services. SUNCOM provides these cost effective services to state and local governments, educational institutions, libraries, and non-profit organizations by achieving economies of scale with enterprise planning and procurement. The division also leads Emergency Support Functions, E-rate, and houses the Public Safety Bureau whose mission is to provide the highest quality Enhanced 911 and radio communications services to the Public Safety Sector in the State of Florida. 

Benefits of Partnering with Telecommunications

  • Cost savings to customers through volume procurement and competitive bidding
  • Helping customers adapt to technology changes
  • Specialized technical expertise
  • Fostering technology standards and interoperability
  • Protecting state assets and information
  • 24-hour customer service, network monitoring, and problem resolution
  • Strict security measures