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Department of Management Services

DIVTEL Business Model & Value

This document is comprehensive description of the DMS Division of Telecommunications (DivTel) in three major sections. Two sections correspond with the broad components of DivTel; SUNCOM and the Bureau of Public Safety Telecommunications, and explain the duties they perform, and why and how they perform them. A third section describes the future of both components.

The highest priority for the authors was readability, so the meaning of sentences should be clear, repetitiveness minimized and there is no prerequisite requirement to understand technology. The document is large however, and has many attachments and endnotes. Therefore, it is very compartmentalized to allow readers to skip around or use it as a reference with the Table of Contents as a guide. DivTel welcomes any suggestions for improvements and questions.

Click here to read the full document (Adobe PDF Document 5.52 MB)

Standard Business Model Requirements for SUNCOM and its Vendors

This document was written to become a chapter in every SUNCOM procurement (Invitation to Negotiate, Request for Proposal or Request for Quote). While there may be minor changes to these requirements to meet the specific characteristic of the service being sought, the fundamental processes will persist. Those processes are highly centralized and automated to minimize labor costs and errors for vendors and DivTel, while improving responsiveness and account management for SUNCOM customers.

By posting this, it is our hope that potential vendors can better prepare to offer DivTel competitive bids that meet these requirements.

Click here to read the full document (Adobe PDF Document 599.77 KB)