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Department of Management Services

Florida E911

Since 1973, the State of Florida has been updating and building advanced technology statewide emergency number 911 systems, implemented by the counties, to serve its citizens and visitors in emergency situations. In 2007, the Wireless 911 Board transitioned to the E911 Board for Enhanced 911 services.

Established statewide in May 1997, 911 was enhanced with Wireline Enhanced 911 "E911" services to obtain the 911 caller’s telephone number and address in all 67 counties on Sept. 20, 2005. Enhancements for Wireless E911 Phase I service, obtaining the call back number and the location of the cell site, and Phase II, obtaining the location information (latitude and longitude) provided for the cellular caller, were completed in March 31, 2008.



. E911 Board Future Meetings
. E911 Board Meeting Materials
. 2013 E911 Board Annual Report, PDF (Adobe PDF Document 2.78 MB)




Florida E911 Statutes

365.171 Emergency Communications Number E911 State Plan.
365.172 Emergency Communications Number "E911."
365.173 Emergency Communications Number E911 System Fund.
365.174 Proprietary Confidential Business Information.
365.175 Emergency Telephone Number 911 Private Branch Exchange.