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Department of Management Services

Radio Communications

The Department of Management Services (DMS) maintains a statewide system of regional law enforcement communications, provides technical assistance and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license application services to state and local government agencies to support their public safety land-mobile radio communications (Chapter 282.7101, F.S.). DMS approves the intergovernmental radio communications program of each county (Chapter 318.21(9) , F.S.), and is responsible for the Mutual Aid Build-out phase of the Statewide Interoperability Network (Chapter 282.709, F.S.).

DMS also provides communications planning and approval processes to ensure reliable statewide and regional communications systems for use between emergency medical services (EMS) systems and hospital emergency departments (Chapter 401.015 and 395.1031, F.S.).


State Law Enforcement Radio

Florida Interoperability- Network (FIN)

Radio Communication Plans  

800 MHz Rebanding