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Department of Management Services

Erate Contract for Internet Access and Telecommunications Services (FIRN)


New Internet Security Bundle Services

Effective January 7th, 2014 FIRN has been amended and makes available starting July 1st, 2014, new priority one eligible Secure Internet Services bundles that combine Internet bandwidth up to 10GB with cloud based basic firewall services as allowed by USAC in priority one services. These new basic firewall services are provided by next generation Palo Alto firewalls located in the MyFloridaNet/FIRN Cloud.  Designed to complement the Secure Internet Services bundle, FIRN has also added a new optional advanced security offering (ASO) which provides additional firewall and security features most useful for the FIRN user including malware protection, antivirus protection, geo blocking and CIPA compliant content filtering/URL blocking.  The new services are offered at a very competitive rates based on bandwidth not numbers of subscribers.  FIRN Secure Internet Services Bundle (Microsoft Word Document 174.00 KB)

Erate Funding Reminder

SUNCOM customers using FIRN services for Erate funding must submit a new Communications Service Authorization (CSA) by June 1 of every year. Customers should remember that Gigabit and multi Gigabit based services may take several months to install and should submit orders accordingly with requested turn up dates. The CSA should include the new Erate Funding Request Number, the preferred billing method, and the applicable discount rate. If a FIRN customer does not submit a new CSA by June 1, services will not be discounted and will result in an invoice at the full service rate. Instructions on how to submit a CSA can be found at:

Thank you for being a SUNCOM customer and if you need assistance or have questions please contact us at:

Reduced Internet Bundle Pricing

DMS has negotiated an additional pricing option which should reduce your rates. This recently negotiated additional pricing option will be effective July 1, 2012, and is based on a mileage (distance) sensitive formula. This additional pricing option does not replace the existing flat rate pricing plan because the new mileage sensitive formula could actually result in an increase in costs in rare circumstances. You should compare the two pricing methods and choose the option that yields the best rate for your connection.

Statewide MAN Unbundled Pricing

In addition to the bundled DAN services, FIRN offers additional MAN options with reduced pricing.

Contract Renewal

The FIRN contract has been extended to June 30th, 2015.

If you are not eligible for E-Rate, access the FIRN Price Sheet by following the link below.

If you are eligible for E-Rate, access the Erate and Monthly Pricing Calculator by following the link below.

FIRN Network (Florida Information Resource Network - 2009 Contract)

Features Benefits
Data transport provided by MFN (MyFloridaNet) MFN transport operates within highest industry standards to secure and deliver data.
Bulk pricing and simplicity Significantly reduced prices with simpler rate structure, easier to manage for end user.
Multiregional Internet Gateway Access Multiple Internet Gateways throughout State of Florida providing most efficient access available to Internet
Guaranteed Quality Commitment to users from service providers; strict service level agreements (SLAs).
E-Rate Benefits E-rate compliant to benefit the educational community to ensure E-rate funding for major portion of these services.

FIRN Services

FIRN Price Sheet

Erate and Monthly Pricing Calculator