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Department of Management Services

Remote Broadband Service (RBS)

SUNCOM’s Remote Broadband Service (RBS) provides customers with remote Internet access, utilizing the latest broadband best-effort transport technologies. RBS provides cost-effective remote broadband access via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which is digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. Eligible SUNCOM customers working from small offices and homes will be able to connect via the Internet to work-related resources.

To fit a customer's needs, RBS offers the FastAccess®Business DSL suite for high-speed broadband Internet service, along with several speed options. RBS also offers a self or professional installation option; both include customer premises equipment (CPE). Customers may also choose to supply their own CPE in specific areas.

DSL commercial and residential service options are also available. Commercial service is DSL provisioned over a business or Centrex phone line, and residential service is DSL provisioned over a residential phone line.

 Attention: DSL and U-Verse are not available in all areas. RBS DSL or U-Verse speeds listed are contingent upon the phone line and location both qualifying for each particular bandwidth speeds.

Business and Residential Pricing Lower more competitive pricing for small offices
CPE (Modems and Routers) Available Turnkey Operation with CPE options included in installation prices
Speeds from 256 Kpbs to 24 Mbps Multiple speed options to fit customer’s needs
No Term Commitment Charges billed monthly; no cancellation fees
Professional Installation Available Professional Technical Services on-site; available upon request

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To contact the SUNCOM Helpdesk, please call 888-4SUNCOM (888-478-6266) or send e-mail.