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Department of Management Services

Rules and Statutes

Florida Administrative Code Rules

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-1 - SUNCOM Definitions; Qualifications; Exemptions; Clearances

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-2 - SUNCOM Order Processing and Billing

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-3 - SUNCOM Usage and Security Policies

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-4 - Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) and
Florida Interoperability Network (FIN)

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-5 - E911 Board (rulemaking in progress)

F.A.C. Chapter 60FF-6 - State E911 Plan (rulemaking in progress)

View Florida Administrative Code rules online at:

Florida Statutes

282.702, Florida Statutes - DMS powers and duties (related to communications)

282.703, Florida Statutes - SUNCOM Network for state agencies and universities

282.704, 282.705, 282.706, 282.707, Florida Statutes - Other eligible SUNCOM customers

282.709, Florida Statutes - Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS)

282.7101, Florida Statutes - State and local government radio assistance

401.015, Florida Statutes - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) radio assistance

252.35, 252.365 Florida Statutes - Emergency communications assistance (ESF-2)

365.171, Florida Statutes - E911 statewide coordination

365.172, Florida Statutes - E911 Board administrative oversight

Customer Resources

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Rules and Statutes

To contact the SUNCOM Helpdesk, please call 888-4SUNCOM (888-478-6266) or send e-mail.