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Department of Management Services

Michelle MacVicar

Tel: 850-414-6131

Purchasing Responsibilities

State Term Contracts

Number Name Start End Category Contractors Administrator
973-163-10-1  Fuel Card Services  08/06/2010   08/05/2015   
WEX Bank

80141800-15-01  Mail Services  01/01/2015   12/31/2017   
Novitex Enterprise Solutions, dba Novitex Government Solutions

973-120-13-SS  Purchasing Card Services  01/07/2013   07/07/2015   
Bank of America, N.A.

518-020-10-1  Rental Vehicles  09/30/2009   09/29/2015   
Rental Cars - Avis Rent a Car System, Inc.

92121500-14-01  Security Officer Services  12/15/2014   12/15/2016   
5 Contractors Listed 

Alternate Contract Source

Number Name Start End Category Contractors Administrator
76111500-15-ACS   Custodial Services  12/23/2014   01/31/2019   
2 Contractors Listed