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For Other Personal Services Employment (OPS)

Other Personal Services Employment (OPS)


Other Personal Services (OPS) employment is a temporary employer/employee relationship used solely for accomplishing short term or intermittent tasks.   OPS employees do not fill established positions and may not be assigned the duties of any vacant authorized position.

For information on the terms and conditions of OPS employment and what benefits may be available to an OPS employee, please contact the employing agency human resources office for a copy of the "Other Personal Services (OPS)" Handbook.


HRM Policy Communications

Military Leave Without Pay Provisions for Eligible Other Personal Services Employees [Rev 6-9-15] (Adobe PDF Document 298.18 KB)

Other Personal Services Employment and Telecommuting [5-16-2011] (Adobe PDF Document 122.68 KB)

Other Personal Services Review and Reporting Requirements (Adobe PDF Document 88.25 KB)

SPS Military Leave Provisions for OPS [6-9-15] (Adobe PDF Document 286.16 KB)

State of Florida, OPS Handbook Template [Nov 2014] (Microsoft Word Document 381.00 KB)


Florida Administrative Code

Rule 60L-33, Appointments and Status, F.A.C.[Rev. 1-26-14] (Adobe PDF Document)


Florida Statutes and Rules

Section 110.131, F.S., Other Personal Services Temporary Employment
Section 110.1315, F.S., Alternative Benefits; Other Personal Services Employees


Other Resources

Other Personal Services Social Security Alternative Plan (Adobe PDF Document 409.47 KB)