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Department of Management Services

For State HR Practitioners

The roles and responsibilities of HRM are necessary to provide for the efficient administration of an equitable and lawful system of employment; to maintain uniformity in the application of human resource policies; to provide competitive human resource programs which assist the agencies with recruitment and retention of employees; and to address the changing needs of the State of Florida, the State Personnel System, the agencies and the employees who serve Florida. HRM provides the following resources to support the State Personnel System HR Practitioners in the administration of their human resource responsibilities.

2016 State Holidays

Provides a listing of the days observed as paid holidays by state agencies.

Broadband Classification and Compensation Program

Provides information on Florida state government classification and compensation system.


Provides access to human resource-related statewide forms.

HRM Correspondence

Provides links to Policy Clarifications, Program Guidelines, Policy Guidelines, Rule Interpretations and Advisories.

HR Topics

Provides information on a variety of human resource related topics.

Manuals and Guidelines

Provides access to human resource program manuals and guidelines.

People First

Provides links to the People First log-on website and other People First related links (i.e. business documents, newsletters, communication, training, etc.)


Provides access to human resource-related reports.

State Employee Child Care Program

This Program provides convenient, high quality child care for state employees at or near their workplace.

State Employee Telework Program

An agency optional program that allows certain state employees to perform the normal duties and responsibilities of their positions at home or other place apart from the employee's usual place of work.