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Department of Management Services


Listed below are the various forms used by State Personnel System agencies to process various human resource management related actions.


Attendance and Leave:

Regular Compensatory Leave Payment Plans - Template [Rev 4-13-15] (Microsoft Word Document 19.05 KB)

Request for End-of-the-Year 24 Hour Annual Leave Payout - Career Service [Rev. 10-12-05] (Microsoft Word Document 22.00 KB)

Sick Leave Transfer - Request to Donate [10/2015] (Microsoft Word Document 40.80 KB)

Sick Leave Transfer - Request to Use [03/1999] (Microsoft Word Document 53.00 KB)


Career Service Exemption Worksheet:

Career Service Exemption Worksheet [Rev. 5-20-10] (Microsoft Word Document 57.50 KB)


Classification - Reorganizations:

Attachment A - Change in Organizational Structure [Rev. 7-24-14] (Microsoft Word Document 72.74 KB)


Collective Bargaining:

Request for Reassignment, Transfer, Change in Duty Station, Shift Change or Promotion [Rev 3-13-12] (Microsoft Word Document 29.69 KB)


Dual Employment and Dual Compensation:

Dual Employment and Dual Compensation Requests [DMS/HRM/DUAL, Rev 1-26-14] (Microsoft Word Document 100.00 KB)


New Employee Certification: [Retirement - CERT]

Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Certification Form [Rev. 02-2012] (Adobe PDF Document 32.63 KB)



Immigration and Naturalization:

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)


Other Personal Services Employment:

OPS Distribution Request Form (Adobe PDF Document)

OPS Fiscal Year-End Reporting Template (Microsoft Excel Document 273.32 KB)

State of Florida FICA Alternative Enrollment Form (Adobe PDF Document)


Pay Additives:

Notification of Pay Additive (Microsoft Excel Document 23.50 KB)


Performance Evaluations:

Performance Planning and Evaluation Template [Rev. 12/2008] (Microsoft Word Document 167.00 KB)



Approved Perquisite Categories [Rev 04/2015] (Adobe PDF Document 46.69 KB)

Reporting form to DMS on Perquisites Granted and Moving Expenses Paid [Rev. 04/2015] (Microsoft Excel Document 58.50 KB)

Requests for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services [Rev. 3/2014] (Microsoft Excel Document 43.00 KB)

Requests for Authority to Pay Moving Expenses [Rev. 5/2016] (Microsoft Word Document 37.73 KB)


Position Description:

Instructions for Completing the Position Description Form [Rev. 12-16-09] (Adobe PDF Document 25.76 KB)

Position Description Form [Rev 12-16-09] (Microsoft Word Document 119.50 KB)


Savings Sharing Program:

Savings Sharing - Employee Proposal form (Microsoft Word Document 51.00 KB)

Savings Sharing - Requests to the Legislative Budget Commission (Microsoft Word Document 30.00 KB)


Selected Exempt Service Extraordinary Payment Plan:

SES Extraordinary Payment Plan - Template [Rev 6-6-13] (Microsoft Word Document 29.50 KB)


State Employment Application:

State of Florida Employment Application [DP-E-16, Rev. 7-1-14] (Adobe PDF Document 394.86 KB)


State Employee Tuition Waiver Program: (template)

State Employee Tuition Waiver Program, Program Participation Template Form [4-3-08] (Microsoft Word Document 42.50 KB)


Workforce Reduction Spreadsheet:

Workforce Transition Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Document 36.00 KB)