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Department of Management Services

HR Topics

Provides a variety of resources including federal laws, Florida Statutes, administrative rules, websites and other documents listed alphabetically by topic.


Administrative Procedures Act:

Chapter 120, Florida Statutes

Affirmative Action:

Section 110.112, F.S., Affirmative action; equal employment opportunity

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

ADA Regulations and Technical Assistance Materials
Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Section 110.215, F.S., Examinations and other employment qualification assessments administered to persons having disabilities.


Section 110.217, F.S., Appointments and promotion (Career Service)
Section 110.604, F.S., Suspensions, dismissals, reductions in pay, and transfers (Selected Exempt Service)
Section 110.403, F.S., Powers and duties of the department. (Senior Management Service)

Attendance and Leave:

Section 110.219, F.S., Attendance and leave; general policies
Section 110.121, F.S., Sick leave pool
Section 110.221, F.S., Parental or family medical leave.

24-Hour Annual Leave Payout - Career Service Employees


Deferred Compensation
Division of Retirement
Retirement Coordinator's Job Aid [10-15-08] (Microsoft Word Document) (msword 2.12 MB)
Division of State Group Insurance
Comparison of Benefits (Adobe PDF Document 107.71 KB)

Child Care Program:

Child Care Program
Section 110.151, F.S., State officers' and employees' child care services

Classification and Compensation:

Classification and Compensation:
Section 110.2035, F.S., Classification and compensation program.
Section 110.205, F.S., Career service; exemptions.

Collective Bargaining:

Chapter 447, F.S., Labor organizations.

Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

Deferred Retirement Option Program


Section 110.227, F.S., Suspensions, dismissals, reductions in pay, demotions, layoffs, transfers and grievances.

Drug Testing:

Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug Free Workplace Act

Dual Employment and Dual Compensation:

Section 216.262(1)(d)-(e), F.S., Authorized positions.

Employee Assistance Program:

Section 110.1091, F.S., Employee assistance programs; public records exemption.
Aetna Resources for Living

Employee Handbook:


Employee Recognition/Awards:

Section 110.1245(3)-(5), F.S., Savings sharing program; bonus payments; other awards


Section 110.211, F.S., Recruitment (Career Service)
Part I, Chapter 112, F.S., Conditions of employment; retirement; travel expenses.
Section 110.105, F.S., Employment policy of the state.
Section 110.21, F.S., Shared employment.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Immigration and Naturalization Act:
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued the revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form, commonly known as an I-9, (Rev. 03/08/2013) as well as a revised M-274 (Rev.03/08/2013) Handbook for Employers (Adobe PDF Document) that contains detailed instructions for completing the form. The revised I-9 Form and the Handbook are available on-line from the USCIS, or they can be ordered from USCIS by calling 1-800-870-3676. A downloadable PDF version of the USCIS Form I-9 is available here (Adobe PDF Document 462.12 KB).

Equal Employment Opportunity Law:

Employment Policy of the State – Section 110.105(2), F.S.
Florida Civil Rights Act – Chapter 760, F.S.
Sexual Harassment Policy – Section 110.1221, F.S.
Section 110.112, F.S., Affirmative Action; equal employment opportunity
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments for 2008
Civil Rights Act of 1991
EEO is the Law Poster
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Executive Orders:

Archive to Executive Orders

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):

U. S. Department of Labor, Fair Labor Standards Act
FLSA - U.S. Code

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

Section 110.221, F.S., Parental or family medical leave.
(See Section 60L-34.0051, F.A.C.)
U.S. Department of Labor - FMLA Guidance
Family and Medical Leave Act - Final rule
Family and Medical Leave Act poster (Adobe PDF Document)


Section 110.1127, F.S., Employee security checks

Florida State Employees' Charitable Campaign (FSECC):

Section 110.181, F.S., Florida state employees' charitable campaign

Florida Constitution:

Florida Constitution

Florida Statutes:

General Laws of Florida
Chapter 110, F.S., State Employment
Chapter 112, F.S., Public officers and employees; general provisions

 Foreign Nationals:

USDOL Foreign Labor Certification
USDOL E-Law H1-B Advisory
Immigration for Employers - Miscellaneous Information (Adobe PDF Document 27.33 KB)
Overview of Permanent Residence Via PERM (Adobe PDF Document 26.44 KB)
H1-B Temporary Worker Visa Handout (Adobe PDF Document 23.05 KB)

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA):


Section 110.227, F.S., Suspensions, dismissals, reductions in pay, demotions, layoffs, transfers, and grievances.
Collective Bargaining Agreements

HRM Correspondence: - links to Rule Interpretations, Policy Clarifications and Program Guidelines.

Identity Theft:

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number


Section 110.117, F.S., Paid holidays


View Topic- Employment Eligibility Verification


Section 110.123, F.S., State group insurance
Division of State Group Insurance homepage

Labor Relations:

Chapter 447, F.S., Labor organizations.


Section 110.227, F.S., Suspensions, dismissals, reductions in pay, demotions, layoffs, transfers, and grievances.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act 2009:

 Mentoring/Volunteer Program:

Mentoring/Volunteer Opportunity for State Employees
 - see 60L-34.0071(3)(i), F.A.C., Administrative leave for mentoring

Military Leave:

Resolution: Military Service Compensation Law [9-25-01]
Proclamation: Military Service Compensation Law [9-12-03]

Moving Expenses:

Section 216.262(1)(g), F.S., Authorized positions.


Section 112.3135, F.S., Restriction on the employment of relatives.

 Nursing Mother Provision of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010:


Office Closings:

- See 60L-34.0071(3)(e), F.A.C.

Office of Personnel Management - U.S.

Office of Personnel Management - U.S.

Other Personal Services Employment:

Section 110.131, F.S., Other personal services temporary employment.
Section 110.1315, F.S. Alternative benefits; Other personal services employees
State of Florida FICA Alternative Plan Enrollment Form with Plan Brochure
OPS Distribution Request Form


Section 110.2035, F.S., Classification and compensation program.
Section 110.402(2), F.S., Senior Management Service; creation, coverage.
Section 110.603, F.S., Pay and benefits (Selected Exempt Service)

2014-2015 Pay Instructions:

2013-2014 Pay Instructions:

2013-2014 Lump Sum Bonus Plan Template (Microsoft Word Document 54.00 KB)
2013-2014 Broadband Pay Bands [Effective 7-1-13] (Microsoft Excel Document 36.00 KB)
2013-2014 Pay Grades [Effective 7-1-13] (Microsoft Excel Document 28.64 KB)

2012-2013 Pay Instructions:

 2011-2012 Pay Instructions:

2007-2008 Pay Instructions:

2006-2007 Pay Instructions:

People First:

People First - State's website for infomation on the People First system.

Performance Evaluations:

Section 110.224, F.S., Public employee performance evalution system
Subsection 110.605(1)(b), F.S., Powers and duties; personnel rules, records reports and performance appraisal. (Senior Management Service)
Subsection 110.403(1)(b), F.S., Powers and duties of the department (Selected Exempt Service)


Section 216.262(1)(f), F.S., Authorized positions

Personnel Records:

Section 110.201, F.S., Personnel rules, records and reports

 Political Activities:

Section 110.233, F.S., Political activities and unlawful acts prohibited.
Federal Hatch Act - Office of the Special Counsel
Political Activities and the State and Local Employee - publication

Public Records:

Chapter 119, F.S., Public Records

Recruitment and Selection:

Section 110.211, Recruitment. (Career Service)
People First - Job search
Section 110.213, F.S., Selection (Career Service)
Uniform Guidelines on Selection

Savings Sharing Program:

Section 110.1245(1), F.S., Savings sharing program; bonus payments; other awards.

Selected Exempt Service:

Chapter 110, Part V, Selected Exempt Service, Florida Statutes
Section 110.205, F.S., Career service; exemptions.

Selective Service System:

Section 110.1128, F.S., Selective service registration.
50 U.S. Code Section 453, Military Selective Service Act
Selective Service System - Federal website to register for the selective service or verify a registration.

Senior Management Service:

Chapter 110, Part III, Senior Management Service, Florida Statutes
Section 110.205, F.S., Career service; exemptions.

Sexual Harassment:

Section 110.1221, F.S., Sexual harassment

Sick Leave:

Section 110.122, F.S., Terminal payment for accumulated sick leave.
Section 110.121, F.S., Sick leave pool.

Special Compensatory Leave:





Statutes - On-Line Sunshine Homepage

On-line Sunshine Homepage

Telework Program

Section 110.171, F.S., State employee telework program.


Section 110.235, F.S., Training
Section 110.1099, F.S., Education and training opportunities for state employees.

Tuition Waiver Program:

Section 1009.265, F.S., State employee fee waivers
State of Florida Employee Educational Assistance Program

Veterans' Preference:

Chapter 295, F.S. , Laws Relating to Veterans; General Provisions.
Section 110.2135, F.S., Preference in employment, reemployment, promotion, and retention.
Veterans' Preference - An Overview by the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs:


Chapter 110, Part IV, Volunteers, F.S.

Workers' Compensation:

Division of Risk Management, Bureau of State Employees' Workers' Compensation Claims
Bureau of State Employees' Workers' Compensation, Employer Handbook