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People First is the state’s self-service, secure, web-based Human Resource Information System and enterprise-wide suite of human resource (HR) services. The main Website used to access the People First system is The system currently supports more than 220,000 users.

Prior to the implementation of People First, the state’s human resource information system was built on a 20-year old legacy system called COPES (Cooperative Personnel Employment Subsystem). It was used by state HR professionals only and did not allow for employee/manager self-service or 24/7 web access. Today, the People First system is used by applicants, employees, managers, HR professionals and retirees. The system streamlines and automates many of the state’s HR functions and is comprised of the following modules: payroll preparation, attendance and leave, recruitment, benefits administration, human resources management, and organizational management. The system is integrated with a current and historical database, the data warehouse.

Employees, job applicants, retirees, and benefits participants have 24/7 web access to their own personnel information at any time or can call an HR advisor at the service center (866-663-4735) from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time to receive additional assistance. The service center handles 34,000 calls per month on average. Job applicants search and apply for state positions and maintain their applications online. Job applicants do not have to be state employees nor are they required to log into the People First system to view or apply for a job. Since May 2003, more than 167,000 State of Florida positions have been posted in People First and approximately 12 million employment applications have been submitted for those positions.

The Department of Management Service (DMS) People First Team serves as contract oversight for the People First contract. Our team’s goal is to ensure the human resource information system is user-friendly, reliable, and meets the needs of its users.  In 2015, the People First Team will be overseeing procurement activities of the Next Generation of People First.  Stay tuned and please give us your feedback as we continue to better serve your needs!

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you in the future. For more information about the People First initiative, please click here.




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