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This website contains information about state retirement systems in Florida, including the FRS - the fourth largest public system in the nation. You can view and print our glossary (Adobe PDF Document) which provides definitions to help you understand retirement terms used throughout this website.

You may also want to visit the MyFRS website, which is a cooperative website of the Department of Management Services and the State Board of Administration. It is part of the MyFRS Financial Guidance Program and offers online planning models and choice tools to help employees eligible for membership in the FRS to choose between the FRS Pension Plan and the FRS Investment Plan. The website also provides access to resources available under both plans.

Member Annual Statements (MAS)

Beginning January 2016, members will receive their MAS in the month you were born. The Division of Retirement will email you when your 2016 MAS is available. You can access your historical MAS from your FRS Online account.

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The MAS is only available to active pension plan participants and active hybrid plan participants.


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The FRS creates several publications for FRS members, state officials and the citizens of Florida. Among those are the Annual Reports, Retirement Guides, and Retirement Newsletters.