Department of Management Services

Employer Handbook

FRS Pension Plan Employer Handbook

The chapters listed below are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and are intended to be duplex printed on letter-sized, three-hole-punched paper. Each chapter has been revised as of the date shown.

Intro/TOC (Adobe PDF Document) Introduction and Table of Contents July 2016
Chapter 1 (Adobe PDF Document) Enrollment of Employees in the FRS Jan 2016
Chapter 2 (Adobe PDF Document) General Reporting of Wages and Retirement Contributions July 2016
Chapter 3 (Adobe PDF Document) Elements on Retirement Report Feb 2014
Chapter 4 (Adobe PDF Document) Automated Reporting Formats July 2016
Chapter 5 (Adobe PDF Document) Nonautomated Reporting Formats (discontinued) May 2013
Chapter 6 (Adobe PDF Document) Miscellaneous Reporting Information Sept 2014
Chapter 7 (Adobe PDF Document) Pension Plan Creditable Service July 2016
Chapter 8 (Adobe PDF Document) Member Contribution Refunds Sept 2014
Chapter 9 (Adobe PDF Document) Pension Plan Service Retirement July 2016
Chapter 10 (Adobe PDF Document) Disability Retirement Sept 2014
Chapter 11 (Adobe PDF Document) Survivor Benefits July 2016
Chapter 12 (Adobe PDF Document) Retirement Benefit Payments and Health Insurance Subsidy Payments July 2016
Chapter 13 (Adobe PDF Document) Reemployment after Retirement Sept 2015
Chapter 14 (Adobe PDF Document) Key Telephone Numbers and E-Mail Addresses June 2014
Chapter 15 (Adobe PDF Document) Glossary of Terms July 2011
Chapter 16 (Adobe PDF Document) FRS Publications Sept 2014
Chapter 17 (Adobe PDF Document) FRS Forms Sept 2014
Chapter 18 (Adobe PDF Document) Location - Map May 2013
FRS Investment Plan Employer Toolkit and Manual

The FRS Investment Plan Employer Toolkit (Adobe PDF Document) and FRS Investment Plan Employer Manual (Adobe PDF Document) are technical guides for retirement coordinators, payroll staff and others who have FRS responsibilities. These guides are intended to explain the administration of the retirement plan choice process and the FRS Investment Plan in nontechnical language. To request a hardcopy of these guides (which includes the Resource CD referenced in the Toolkit), please call 866-377-2121, Option 3, or order them online.