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Retirement Payment Schedule

Retirement benefits are payable on the last state business day of each month. If you use Direct Deposit, you will have your benefit payments available to you on the scheduled dates shown below. If you receive benefit payments through the mail, your check will be mailed two working days before the scheduled dates, but may not arrive by the scheduled date. If you receive your benefit payment by mail and it is not received by the fifth of the next month, notify the Division of Retirement toll-free at 844-377-1888 or 850-907-6500 in the Tallahassee local calling area.

2015 Retirement Payment Schedule
Friday, January 30th
Friday, February 27th
Tuesday, March 31st
Thursday, April 30th
Friday, May 29th
Tuesday, June 30th
Friday, July 31st
Monday, August 31st
Wednesday, September 30th
Friday, October 30th
Monday, November 30th
Thursday, December 31st
2016 Retirement Payment Schedule
Friday, January 29th
Monday, February 29th
Thursday, March 31st
Friday, April 29th
Tuesday, May 31st
Thursday, June 30th
Friday, July 29th
Wednesday, August 31st
Friday, September 30th
Monday, October 31st
Wednesday, November 30th
Friday, December 30th