Department of Management Services

About Us

The Department of Management Services (DMS) is the business arm of Florida government. The Department’s primary mission is to support sister agencies as well as current and former state employees with workforce and business-related functions so that agencies can focus on their core missions as defined in law. The Department of Management Services was created in 1993 after the Departments of Administration and General Services merged. This new agency was formed to improve services and reduce administrative overhead. Throughout the entire department, staff pride themselves on providing effective customer service, delivering on our agency obligations and lowering the cost of government through innovation and new efficiencies.

Today, DMS is divided into two major services areas: Business Operations and Workforce Operations. 

Business Operations consists of State Purchasing, Real Estate Development and Management, Telecommunications, as well as Fleet and Federal Surplus Property, Private Prison Monitoring. 

Workforce Operations consists of Human Resource Management, People First, State Group Insurance and Retirement. 

  • Human Resource Management: provides guidance and technical assistance to state agencies in the effective administration of our state’s human resource system and represents the Governor as public employer in collective bargaining activities.
  • People First: handles oversight and contractual compliance for the state’s secure, web-based human resource information system and services.
  • State Group Insurance: offers and manages the state’s health and welfare insurance benefits.
  • Retirement: administers retirement, disability or death benefits to state retirees or their beneficiaries.


Agency Head

The head of the Department of Management Services is the Agency Secretary. The Agency Secretary is appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate. There is no set term limit; the Secretary serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

The Agency Secretary is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and executing the powers, duties, and functions vested in the department, its divisions, bureaus, and other subunits. The support offices within the Office of the Secretary are summarized below:

  • Chief of Staff: responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency. 
  • Communications: provides state employees and the public with accurate information about the Department in a timely manner to enhance citizens' ability to interact with state government. 
  • Legislative Affairs: serves as the liaison between the Department and the Legislature. 
  • Office of the General Counsel: provides legal advice and determinations regarding the proper interpretation and application of the law to the various program areas and divisions of the Department including but not limited to collective bargaining, procurement, personnel, retirement, state group insurance, building construction, leasing, private prisons, state fleet management and facility management; and represents the Department in litigation before all state, federal, and administrative forums. 
  • Office of the Inspector General: established to provide a central point for coordination of and responsibility for activities that promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency, in government.
  • Information Technology: provides innovative information technology systems and support in order to deliver resource saving solutions to our customers.
  • Supplier Diversity:  improve business and economic opportunities for Florida's women-, veteran- and minority-owned business enterprises.