Department of Management Services

Gov. Scott’s Securing Florida's Future Budget Invests in Enhanced First Responder Capability

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   November 14, 2017

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Governor Rick Scott’s 2018-19 Securing Florida’s Future budget provides more than $592.1 million for the Department of Management Services (DMS) to enhance communications among Florida’s first responders, ensure the safety and accessibility of state buildings for those visiting and doing business in Florida, and provide state employees more options for saving money for health care costs.

Governor Scott said, “The Department of Management Services and all of our state employees work every day to provide world-class service to Floridians and we must remain focused on ensuring our state buildings remain innovative, safe and efficient. It is also critical that our first responders have every resource they need to keep our state safe and these investments will help DMS build on their commitment to safety and service.”


The Governor’s Securing Florida’s Future budget includes:

  • $38.5 million investment for critical repairs and renovations to ensure the state’s real-estate assets are efficient, safe, and accessible for all Floridians.
  • $1.9 million investment for the Florida Mutual Aid system and Florida Interoperability Network, which enhance key public safety programs by providing reliable communication networks for emergency first responders across jurisdictions. Over the last three fiscal years, these services have experienced $1.68 million in cost avoidance.
  • $1.4 million investment for independent verification, validation, and consultation to procure the next generation Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System and to upgrade the Florida Region Interference Program (FRIP) used to manage communications for Florida’s first responders.
  • $1 million investment for health savings accounts to meet the projected increase of participants in the Health Savings Account Program.
  • $54 million in annual savings by implementing a new model for managing Florida’s employee health insurance prescription drug program. This model improves efficiency in the prescription drug program and has been successfully implemented in 12 other states and six local government entities across the country.
  • $21 million in savings by proposing that all employees pay equally for health insurance coverage — $50 per month for individual coverage and $180 per month for family coverage. This reduces employer contribution for health insurance coverage for employees in Senior Management Service and Selected Exempt Service systems. The Governor has proposed this plan every year since taking office.

“Governor Scott recognizes the importance of making Florida the best place to live and work by putting safety and service at the forefront of his Securing Florida’s Future budget,” said DMS Secretary Erin Rock. “We are proud that these investments include enhancing support of law enforcement and other first responders, maintaining and preserving the state’s buildings and assets, and ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for state employees.”

FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen said, “We are committed to working with Governor Scott and DMS to ensure law enforcement and first responders throughout Florida have the right assets and support to carry out their critical mission.”

Tom Feeney, Associated Industries of Florida President and CEO, said, “Under Governor Scott’s leadership, DMS continues to implement private-sector best practices that reduce the size and cost of state government. This budget maximizes every dollar to provide the best return for Florida families and businesses.”

Dr. Robert McClure, President and CEO of the James Madison Institute, said, “With this budget, Governor Scott continues to reduce the cost of state government while making critical investments in the safety and welfare of state employees and those they serve. Governor Scott has a seven-year track record of championing limited government and free market principles. It’s working! The other 49 states would do well to pay attention.”

Dominic M. Calabro, Florida TaxWatch President and CEO, said, “Florida TaxWatch commends Governor Scott’s commitment to seeking innovative solutions to reduce costs for Florida taxpayers by increasing efficiencies in state government while finding innovative ways to continue to provide the level of services Floridians have come to expect.”