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Partnership for Public Facilities & Infrastructure Act Guidelines Task Force

The Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act Guidelines Task Force recommends guidelines for the Legislature to consider for the purposes of creating a uniform process to establish public-private partnerships on the local level. This includes the types of factors responsible public entities should review and consider when processing requests for public-private partnership projects pursuant to Chapter 2013-223, Laws of Florida.

In reviewing public-private partnerships and developing recommendations, the task force must consider:

  1. Opportunities for competition through public notice and the availability of representatives of the responsible public entity to meet with private entities considering a proposal.
  2. Reasonable criteria for choosing among competing proposals.
  3. Suggested timelines for selecting proposals and negotiating an interim or comprehensive agreement.
  4. If an accelerated selection and review and documentation timelines should be considered for proposals involving a qualifying project that the responsible public entity deems a priority.
  5. Procedures for financial review and analysis which, at a minimum, include a cost-benefit analysis, an assessment of opportunity cost, and consideration of the results of all studies and analyses related to the proposed qualifying project.
  6. The adequacy of the information released when seeking competing proposals and providing for the enhancement of that information, if deemed necessary, to encourage competition.
  7. Current exemptions from public records and public meetings requirements, if any changes to those exemptions are necessary, or if any new exemptions should be created in order to maintain the confidentiality of financial and proprietary information received as part of an unsolicited proposal.
  8. Recommendations regarding the authority of the responsible public entity to engage the services of qualified professionals, which may include a Florida-registered professional or a certified public accountant, not otherwise employed by the responsible public entity, to provide an independent analysis regarding the specifics, advantages, disadvantages, and long-term and short-term costs of a request by a private entity for approval of a qualifying project, unless the governing body of the public entity determines that such analysis should be performed by employees of the public entity.

The task force must submit a final report of its recommendations to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by July 1, 2014. The task force will conclude its duties on December 31, 2014.


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Meeting Date Meeting Notice Meeting Materials Meeting Minutes Meeting Recordings
 August 28, 2013  Notice - 08/28/13 (Microsoft Word Document 12.61 KB)  Materials Packet - 08/28/13 (Adobe PDF Document 6.36 MB)  Minutes - 08/28/13 (Adobe PDF Document 211.54 KB)  Video - 08/28/13
 October 24, 2013  Notice - 10/24/13 (Microsoft Word Document 14.98 KB)  Materials Packet - 10/24/13 (Adobe PDF Document 8.00 MB)  Minutes - 10/24/13 (Adobe PDF Document 92.16 KB)  Video - 10/24/13
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 December 6, 2013  Notice - 12/06/13 (Microsoft Word Document 15.29 KB)  Materials Packet - 12/06/13 (Adobe PDF Document 501.38 KB)  Minutes - 12/06/13 (Microsoft Word Document 21.71 KB)  Audio Recordings (2) - 12/06/13
 January 9, 2014  Notice - 01/09/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.29 KB)  Materials Packet - 01/09/14 (Adobe PDF Document 283.61 KB)  Minutes - 01/09/14 (Adobe PDF Document 92.00 KB)  Video - 01/09/14
 January 31, 2014  Notice - 01/31/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.37 KB)  Materials Packet - 01/31/14 (Adobe PDF Document 784.92 KB)  Minutes - 01/31/14 (Adobe PDF Document 200.32 KB)  Video - 01/31/14
 February 28, 2014  Notice - 02/28/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.39 KB)  Materials Packet - 02/28/14 (Adobe PDF Document 610.43 KB)  Minutes - 02/28/14 (Microsoft Word Document 18.93 KB)  Audio Recording (2) - 02/28/14
 April 17, 2014  Notice - 04/17/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.40 KB)  Materials Packet - 04/17/14 (Adobe PDF Document 366.65 KB)  Minutes - 04/17/14 (Adobe PDF Document 224.48 KB)  Video - 04/17/14
 May 23, 2014  Notice - 05/23/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.51 KB)  Materials Packet - 05/23/14 (Adobe PDF Document 930.06 KB)  Minutes - 05/23/14 (Adobe PDF Document 87.47 KB)  Audio Recording - 05/23/14
 June 12, 2014  Notice - 06/12/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.20 KB)  Materials Packet - 06/12/14  (Adobe PDF Document 292.23 KB)  Minutes - 06/12/14 (Microsoft Word Document 16.98 KB)  Video - 06/12/14
 June 26, 2014  Notice - 06/26/14 (Microsoft Word Document 15.24 KB)  Materials Packet - 06/26/14 (Adobe PDF Document 1.04 MB)  Coming Soon  Video - 06/26/14