Department of Management Services

Performance Matters Initiative

SMART Performance Management Online Training

SMART Performance Management online training is available! This training introduces techniques to manage employee performance and write SMART expectations. You may use the course to train new supervisors on the new Performance Management Methodology, as a refresher for supervisors who attended face-to-face training, or as a supplement to agency supervisory training. Access the training at: SMART Performance Management Training

The Department of Management Services is proud to lead a performance management initiative that uses a standardized online tool and a proven evaluation methodology to drive a culture of accountability within state government.


People First performance evaluation module 
 This online tool in the People First system provides supervisors and employees the ability to prepare, review and acknowledge the completion of annual employee performance plans and evaluations.
Agencies were required to begin using this module on July 1, 2013. Every state agency has moved to a standardized annual performance evaluation period correlating with the state fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). This module keeps performance evaluations with employees throughout their careers in state government. 


Performance management methodology 
 This curriculum focuses on crafting performance expectations.
For each employee, agencies set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) expectations that align with each agency’s mission and the Governor’s priorities. Performance evaluations will inform employees of their exact standing relating to work productivity; help managers improve staff communications and development planning; and improve individual and agency effectiveness.

This Web page provides updates on the Performance Matters Initiative and helpful resources for employees, managers and human resource professionals.


Methodology Resources
Learn more about and download forms related to the initiative’s approach, how to craft SMART expectations and more.

People First Performance Evaluation Module Resources
This page provides Human Resource staff, agency supervisors and employees with training materials, user guides and other resources.

Performance Matters Initiative Toolkit
This page assists human resource offices with crafting agency communications regarding the initiative and will be periodically updated.