Department of Management Services

Performance Matters Initiative Toolkit

Please find the following resources helpful as you continue to inform the managers and other employees at your agency about key updates to the enterprisewide performance management initiative. As an agency human resource officer (HRO), you serve as an important point of contact for your agency. The initiative’s governance team is counting on you to take essential information from the HRO meetings back to your agency and ensure that managers and employees understand the importance of the initiative and the key action steps that they will complete over the next year.

As an HRO, you should regularly check the Performance Matters Web page each month as the initiative progresses. Information from this website and links from the below toolkit should help you tailor messaging to fit the unique needs of your agency.

Before customizing materials for your agency from the below links, ask yourself if you are accomplishing all of the items from the “Top Ten Things an HRO Should Do To Promote a Successful Performance Management Initiative:” Are you…

  1. Meeting regularly with your agency leadership/agency head to discuss progress;
  2. Sending consistent emails to inform employees and managers about key action items;
  3. Offering additional system and methodology training for employees and managers;
  4. Offering informal brown bag lunches or coffee meetings to discuss initiative with employees;
  5. Inserting information and updates in your agency newsletter as well as your agency Intranet and public facing website;
  6. Designing PowerPoint presentations to update managers and employees;
  7. Talking to your agency head about sending a letter to employees or featuring an email from him or her on your agency Intranet;
  8. Directing employees and managers to training videos in the People First system;
  9. Making sure your entire Human Resources staff is well-versed on the initiative and can explain it to your employees; and
  10. Attending all HRO meetings and training sessions?

Here are some resources you can tailor to fit your agency:

Sample Email Explaining the Initiative to All Employees (Adobe PDF Document 317.98 KB)

Helpful Responses to Employee Feedback (Adobe PDF Document 291.80 KB)

Sample Email Requiring Action from Managers to Complete Training (Adobe PDF Document 188.55 KB)

Helpful PowerPoint slides (Microsoft Power Point Document 445.54 KB)

SMART - Overview Video (YouTube)

Examples of SMART Expectations (Adobe PDF Document 539.27 KB)