Department of Management Services

Property Asset Management (PAM)

Every office needs equipment to do its job. At the Department of Management Services, we are all called to take care of and manage our property:

  • tell your supervisor or custodian delegate of any changes (loss, damage, etc.)
  • remember, property is for agency use
  • keep property safe and secure


PAM Quiz

Q: What's a custodian delegate (CD)?

A: Fellow team member responsible for property in their organization.

Q: How many CDs are there at DMS?

A: Approximately 70.

Q: Who's my CD?

A: See a list of CDs on the PAM Web site: Custodian Information

Q: Who should I tell when I purchase property?

A: Tell your CD within two working days.

Q: Do I have to document taking property from the office?

A: Yes, it requires a form and supervisor approval - ask your CD.

Q: Who's responsible for property in your office?



"Property" is defined as:

Fixed assets such as equipment, fixtures and other tangible personal property of a non-expendable nature, which meets the following conditions:

  • value or cost is $1,000 or more and has a normal life expectancy of one year or more,
  • items such as wireless mobile devices personal digital assistants (PDAs), projectors, printers, fax machines, scanners, tools, toolsets, vacuum cleaners and lawn equipment costing $500 or more,
  • hard bound books with a value or cost of more than $249.99, and
  • cameras, radios, personal computers and laptops regardless of cost.