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Frequent Questions & Answers

  1. What is Certification?

    Certification is a procedure by the State of Florida to ensure that businesses claiming to be woman-, veteran- or minority-owned and controlled meet the legal qualifications. Eligibility criteria are in Chapter 287.0943 and 295.187, Florida Statutes. The certification section of this website also provides more about eligibility requirements and supporting documentation.  

  2. How can my business become a certified business enterprise?

    In order to become certified by OSD as a woman-, veteran-, or minority-owned business enterprise, a business must meet the eligibility criteria set forth in Rule 60A-9, Florida Administrative Code. Further, the vendor must register in MyFloridaMarketPlace as a vendor, identify itself as a woman-, veteran- or minority-owned business and submit supporting documentation prior to any OSD review.  

  3. Why should I certify as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)?

    Certification as a woman-, veteran-, and/or minority-owned business enterprise will help increase your firm's visibility among State agencies and other prospective clients, document your firm's status as a CBE, and enhance your competitive advantage. View more details on the Benefits of Certification section of this website.

  4. Will certification guarantee me a contract?

    Certification is a tool, not a guarantee. Certification enhances a certified business enterprise’s exposure to State and local agencies, prime contractors, and the business community. To be successful, a company still needs to market itself, its people, and its services, just as any good business should. Similar to any tool, certification must be actively used to experience its full worth. Here are some additional tips:

  5. How do I register as a vendor with the State of Florida?

    The Vendor Information Portal (VIP) of the MyFloridaMarketPlace website provides new vendor registration directly on the home page. The system will ask if you seek state business enterprise certification. You may select any of the business enterprise options: woman-, veteran-, or minority-owned. After completing the registration in VIP, review the required documentation and submit to the Office of Supplier Diversity. Please review the Certification Required Documents before you submit the documents.

    The MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendors section of this website provides information and resources to current and prospective vendor customers.  

  6. How long does the process usually take?

    OSD reviews files and requests additional information within 15 business days of receipt.  

    The Office of Supplier Diversity will not review a certification request until the vendor registration process in MyFloridaMarketPlace is complete, and all of the appropriate documentation is received. If the vendor meets the qualifications for certification, then a certificate will be sent via email after staff makes the determination that the company is eligible for certification.  

  7. If I have registered online as a vendor with the State of Florida, am I automatically certified?

    Registration in MyFloridaMarketPlace is just the first step in seeking certification. When registering online with MyFloridaMarketPlace you have an option to select any of the designations of woman-, veteran- or minority-owned business. In order to become certified, you must submit the supporting documentation to the Office of Supplier Diversity for further review to determine eligibility.

  8. Must a business be certified to do business with the State?

    No, any business may register with in MyFloridaMarketPlace to do business with the State. However, if the vendor wishes to participate in the procurement process as a certified business enterprise, it must go through the Office of Supplier Diversity to obtain the certification.

  9. What is the difference between registration and being a Certified Business Enterprise?

    Registering your company as a vendor allows you to do business with the State of Florida. Having a certified business enterprise designation (woman-owned, veteran-owned or minority-owned) indicates that your company has undergone a review process to show that it meets the minimum eligibility criteria.

  10. How long does the Certification last?

    Certification with the Office of Supplier Diversity is for two years. Approximately 90, 60, 30, and 15 days before the end of a certification period, the Office of Supplier Diversity will send an email notification to the email address on file to alert the company of the upcoming expiration. 

    To ensure that a notification is sent to the correct individual, it is very important that businesses update MyFloridaMarketPlace with the most current contact information. If assistance is needed with updating this information, please contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace help desk at 866-352-3776.

  11. How does a business recertify?

    Recertification is a free and easy online process. Certified businesses interested in maintaining their certified status with the State of Florida must complete the online recertification at least two weeks prior to expiration to allow for processing before your certificate's two year anniversary.

  12. Are state agencies required to do business with certified vendors?

    State agencies are strongly encouraged to seek viable and growth-oriented woman-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses to participate in procurement opportunities as a way to continue to diversify their spending.

  13. Should I certify if I am a business that provides products or services which might not be applicable to the State?

    Yes. You are encouraged to certify with OSD because certification may provide inroads into other companies as well as provide free marketing. View more details on the Benefits of Certification section of this website.

  14. What procurement-related state activities should I be aware of as a certified business enterprise owner?

    There are a variety of conferences and workshops that occur throughout the year. State certified woman-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses receive first-tier information on events hosted by the Office of Supplier Diversity through our "OSD Events" emails. To get the most updated information on events hosted by the Office of Supplier Diversity, as well as other agencies and organizations, visit the OSD Events section of this website.

    In addition to the State of Florida's Vendor Bid System, the Office of Supplier Diversity shares bid announcements from cities, counties, universities, colleges and more. Visit OSD's Vendor Resource Announcement page to see what current bid opportunities are posted. Listings are updated frequently — so bookmark the page and visit often. 

  15. If I am certified by Florida Department of Transportation as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), am I also certified by OSD to do business as a certified business enterprise with other state agencies?

    No, the two certifications are separate and distinct. The Office of Supplier Diversity certifies woman-, veteran- and minority-owned business enterprises on behalf of all state agencies. The DBE certification must come from the Florida Department of Transportation for minority and women businesses who seek to take advantage of Federal government contracts administered by the State of Florida. The Office of Supplier Diversity and FDOT have a working agreement to make the acquisition of both certifications as seamless as possible when vendors meet the qualifications for both.

  16. May I use the Office of Supplier Diversity's logo on my website or publications to signify my certification?

    The Office of Supplier Diversity's logo is the property of the Department of Management Services and cannot be used to promote any entity. You may use your issued certificate to show your certification.