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Mentor-Protégé Program


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The State of Florida’s Mentor-Protégé Program aims to strengthen small businesses through guidance and feedback from established businesses, or mentors. This program, administered by the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD), centers on a shared commitment between an established business owner and a certified woman-, veteran- or minority business owner. The Mentor-Protégé Program, through the leadership of an established business, provides small businesses with a better understanding of state procurement activities.

The Office of Supplier Diversity works with certified businesses to ensure that they are appropriately matched with an established business based on their strengths and needs. The open and honest working relationship between a protégé and mentor organization produces a business support system that will help a small business grow and develop. As protégés gain valuable experience from seasoned mentors who have been successful at navigating the state’s procurement process, they will become knowledgeable in obtaining procurement opportunities with local and state governments. Mentors receive the satisfaction of helping a small business develop while increasing their professional networks and contacts.

If you are interested in the Mentor-Protégé Program, contact the Office of Supplier Diversity’s Vendor Relations Coordinator at 850-487-0915.

Interested businesses are appropriately paired up by OSD based on their strengths and needs. Once an alignment between Mentor-Protégé has been established, the pair work together to gain guidance and feedback, particularly as it relates to government contracting. While the agreement is administered by OSD, the mentor and protégé establish their own goals and work collaboratively to accomplish them.



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