Department of Management Services


The State of Florida’s Mentor-Protégé Program aims to strengthen small businesses through guidance and feedback from established businesses, or mentors. This program, administered by the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD), centers on a shared commitment between an established business owner and a certified woman, veteran or minority business owner.


Mentor Requirements

  • Must be headquartered in the State of Florida;
  • Must be an established and successful corporation generating more than $500,000 in annual revenue;
  • Must have a senior-level officer willing to sign a 12-month agreement with OSD to participate in the program;
  • Must designate a company representative to commit to a 12-month period;
  • Must have the resources to commit to the developmental needs of the protégé; and
  • Must understand that equal access for emerging businesses makes good sense and that partnerships with emerging businesses will enable growth for larger organizations.
  • In addition, mentors must demonstrate the following:
    • Favorable financial health, including profitability for at least the last two years;
    • Good standing as a state-contracted vendor; and
    • The ability to provide valuable support to a protégé through lessons learned, practical experience gained from state term contracts and general knowledge of government contracting.


Protégé Requirements

  • Must be the owner of a certified woman-, veteran- or minority-owned Florida-based business;
  • Must designate a senior-level officer as a company representative committed to a 12-month agreement with a mentor;
  • Must be willing to submit to an evaluation of the company in order to assess the most critical areas to concentrate on for success and to identify enhancement opportunities for growth and development;
  • Must have a positive attitude and be receptive to information exchange with the assigned mentor; and
  • Must be an active vendor in MyFloridaMarketPlace.


Download Mentor-Protégé Program Information (Adobe PDF Document 2.84 MB)