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Statewide Travel Management System (STMS)

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The Department of Management Services introduced the Statewide Travel Management System, also known as STMS, in 2018. This system is the State of Florida’s first cloud-based travel management solution designed to support the more than 115,000 government travelers and managers located in our state’s Executive and Cabinet agencies, as well as the Judiciary.

At its core, the system will process travel authorizations and reimbursements electronically, eliminating paper processes and increasing standardization across the state. The system will also benefit agencies through centralizing travel-related tasks and boosting auditing efficiency and transparency. Learn more about the Legislation creating this system: 2016 HB 5001, Section 6, 1965A.

The Department of Management Services is dedicated to providing a secure and reliable travel management system and ensuring an organized transition tailored to the needs of individual agencies.

DMS has created extensive training materials including video tutorials, FAQ’s, User Guides and informational webinars, designed to help agency travel managers understand the system’s functions and communicate to and train frontline employees.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve state employees. For questions regarding STMS, please email


Key Communications:

Travel Management System Introductory Video

Travel Management System Training and Deployment Plan

Travel Management System House Committee Presentation (starting at 1:40:13)

Travel Management System Legislation: 2016 HB 5001, Section 6, 1965A

User Management Overview

DMS STMS Public Records Response Policy V 1.1 (Adobe PDF Document 801.89 KB)



STMS Training Materials

For Agency Administrators:

Agency Administrator Training Modules

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