Department of Management Services

Private Prison Monitoring

Bureau of Private Prison Monitoring: Responsibilities include the oversight and contractual compliance for the private prison system within the State of Florida.  Our team manages and oversees the operational contracts for private correctional facilities.  The bureau ensures vendors comply with contracts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corrections in Florida. Overall, the Bureau of Private Prison Monitoring at DMS:

  • Ability to handle major procurement processes successfully
  • The swift, cost-effective siting, designing, and construction of new correctional facilities
  • The operation of correctional facilities in a way that provides effective protection of the public safety
  • Providing educational, treatment, and vocational programs capable of reducing recidivism
  • Ability to achieve and maintain cost savings for the State of Florida


Correctional Facilities Map of Florida

The Bureau currently oversees the operational contracts of the following Florida correctional facilities:

  1. Bay Correctional Facility
  2. Blackwater River Correctional Facility
  3. Gadsden Correctional Facility
  4. Graceville Correctional Facility
  5. Lake City Youthful Offender Facility
  6. Moore Haven Correctional Facility
  7. South Bay Correctional Facility

In accordance with Chapter 957, Florida Statutes, the Bureau of Private Prison Monitoring is responsible for entering into contracts for the design, construction, and operation of privately operated correctional facilities. The Bureau may not enter into a contract unless it determines that the contract or series of contracts in total for the facility will result in cost savings to the state of at least seven percent over the Department of Corrections. Once the savings is determined, the Bureau enters into an "Operations and Management Contract" with a private vendor to operate the facility for an agreed daily per diem. The per diem includes the cost of all facility operations and the cost of the contract manager employed by the Bureau. The Bureau has fifteen authorized positions.